What do I mean by Lover of Docs? As a copywriter, I’m very lucky to be able to work with a Windows 95 Pentium 3 processor, if i wanted to. Man, I love docs.

The what: where & why

I got my copypartying skills from life trauma, also:

Grow, School of Internet - 2021 - Creative Community Manager
Miami Ad School - 2020/2021- Copywriting Portfolio Program
Escuela Superior de Creativos Publicitarios - 2015/2017 Ad Creative

Oxychain since Feb 2022 – Content Creator
Oliver Buenos Aires since May 2021 – Jr. Copywriter
Officer and gentleman Madrid Oct – Dec 2021 – Copy Intern
Wunderman Thompson Tokyo Jun – Sep 2021 – Copy Intern

Hellmann's; Volkswagen; Listerine; Porn Hub; Nissan; McDonald's; Savora; Knorr; Tresemmé; Axe; Modo, Kibon. 


Content creation & B-side

    Besides writing and crying ‘cause 1995 gen, I have backpacked through +15 countries and sailed +10. At the beginning of 2020 I decided to come back to my place of birth, Buenos Aires in Argentina, because *points at everything*.
  I breath because I write or viceversa, I'm not sure anymore, a bit in spanish and bit in english, here you can find articles and writings from my soul to the imaginary sheet of paper in the internet.

Querida Diaria
The theory of the fuckable
Gacetilla musical
Gacetilla musical
Gacetilla musical
Zumba - PR Article

Dale, don't be shy.

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