What do I mean? That besides being the mother of my dog, Chimuelo, I’m also the mother of every Docs. that I open with the expectations of breeding a Lion, at least.

Besides writing and crying, ‘cause 1995 gen, I have backpacked through +15 countries and sailed +10, anyway, at the beginning of 2020 I decided to come back to my place of birth, Buenos Aires in Argentina, because sharing bathroom just didn’t seem appealing to me anymore.

After my first year at Miami Ad School I can proudly say that dreams do come true, and right now someone is paying me to think at Oliver Agency Buenos Aires, also, at the same time ¡Thanks digitalization! I’m doing an internship as a copywriter at Wunderman Thompson Tokyo.

Is it ever enough? No, and never will, so if you want to give me an opportunity to think, let’s have a drink, with social distance if you will, I’m also a bartender.

Why do I do this? I enjoy having my fridge full of food, like I’m ready for whatever comes after 2020.//