In Spain I travel in trains and drink wine. I pet dogs in every corner, their tails wiggle like an eraser of bad stories. Also, I go for runs at midnight and sing aloud songs I didn’t know I knew. I dance to the music and replay the emotions that once belonged to all those beats. I shake away from my memory all the kisses that we didn’t give. I acknowledge the feelings that I denied I had. I also consume every particle of non conditionated air.

I accept the faith of all the earrings I lost in your bedsheets by throwing away all the half-left over- pairs.

In Spain there is no regret, it’s all a slow blur. The heart can’t keep breaking anymore, me and my friend pick up the pieces:

Two in the corridor

Five at the bar

Three in my bed.

I no longer wait for you to play with my hairI no longer wait for you to call meI no longer wait and I wave goodbye blank pages In Spain I meet myself againIn Spain I heal.