The Challenge

Disney celebrates a hundred years since it was born and they want to celebrate in a big way.

This time they want to run a powerful campaign aimed primarily at Generation Z, its intention is to demonstrate the relevance that Disney can have in their lives. 

But, how can a magical world connect to a realistic generation? 

The Solution

We must go after them! 

And in order to do so, we must be honest. It is not only naive, but unfair, to keep calling magic, to what actually is endless effort.

That is why we launched a co creation project on different streaming platforms, and together with content creators, believe that is time to show you what magic is all about.

Welcome to Disney featuring.

Time line


We are going to select a group of content creators and support their initiatives and projects through recorded videos or streaming, as they would usually do, but beside their homes, they will be able to use our parks and studios.

Also, they will be able to send donations to collaborate with the education of people who is not able to do so, at Disney Inspiration.

Disney Inspiration

We will give you the skills that you need through Master Classes such as Forestry, Graphic Design, Animation, Programming, Script  and more, given by experts within our Universe.

Inside The Magic

The first film where the audience is part of it, a fully co created Disney piece. The fans will be able to create the soundtracks, the art, the script, and be part of the performances.