For the Youth at the Army

I wish that you’ll never get to be a hero of war
I hope that you learn to play the ukelele and that you suddenly feel like doing handicraft.
I hope that your most dangerous weapon be a plastic spoon or a French fried.
I hope that the only thing that you’ll ever get drowned is the F8 at a battleship.
I hope that you never win a medal for having a shitty time and that your friends live forever.
I wish that you were born in Sudamérica and the only thing that your country could afford are toy guns and water bombs.
I wish that you don’t get frustrated for not fighting someone’s else war, the one who has more power war.
I wish that you never get dressed for a funeral, neither someone else dresses you for your own.
I wish that you stop thinking that your environment is okay and that you stop looking for names in the obituary.
But, if you are sure.
And you get along with that because you like more the national anthem than the Beatles
And you think that green suits you perfectly.
That you feel like the speech belongs to you.
If you are fine with that
Then I wish you to have wrinkles and to use a walking stick.
I hope that your grandchildren’s sweat pride every time you tell them battlefield stories.
That you get excited every anniversary of the worldwide peace (that you will get).
I still can’t wish you to be a hero of war
But I also wish you get to be the hero that you want to be.

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