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Couchsurfing, How friendship starts.

They say that the world is meant to be travelled so we can escape from our comfort zone. 
Don’t you worry, you won’t be alone. You will make friends, in fact, you will know more people than places if you’re lucky enough. The cities might have more or less skyscrapers, and anyway all look a bit like each other. The people, the people not so much. 
The ones who share outstanding anecdotes will last a lifetime together somehow wherever you go. Because whoever embraces our little time on this earth are the ones that we call friends.
Tear down the borders
Keep going on, there’s only one language: 
Friendship, and we all can speak it.

Volkswagen Up! Autonomía de 1000km.

Manifiesto Aerolíneas Argentinas. Radio

Locución de Alejandra Echagüe