Thirty-five percent of the feeling of the last concert you’ve been to. Thirty percent of the comfort that only a winter blanket can give you. Twenty-five percent of unique style. Ten percent of how it actually feels when a bunch of turtles and dolphins and penguins and etc, since you already got the point, are giving you a very loving hug.

 One-hundred percent of respect for the environment.

One-hundred percent of not being a part of the second most polluted industry worldwide.

Why Pelechecoco Exists

Right now, there are millions of fashion products being made. A few of them won’t even see the light since they will have failures and won’t be up for sale, while the other ton of clothes will be sell and the industry that has never stopped contaminating our planet (not to mention the slavery conditions the workers in the manufacturing face every day) will continue to make another ton for tomorrow and so on.

We are facing a time of overproducing, the need created by all the social media that we must have more and more and more. Dress to impress and kill a thousand of sea species every year in the way. The second part is what they don’t tell you. We are not judging you, we are just a little bit all over a very unresponsible system. For us, the equation is very simple.

Pelechecoco claims that feels the pain that our planet is suffering and that they want to help with this problem: They need us. They need me, as well as they need you and everyone who cares about the actual situation of our environment. They are inviting you to be a part of Pelechecoco, a company that has a whole new vision for sustainable fashion. Where the brand has no need for creating new pieces of clothes while reusing the pieces that have been left behind: They are a changing key, they are innovating in order to build a new and original style: a safer one with sustainable future.

Their call, our call

Own a jacket that is part of a cowboy jean, part of a backpack that has been through a South Asia lysergic trip and part of, maybe, who knows? Chuck Berry’s old belt. Own a jacket that has had zero waste and negative impact on the ecosystem.

Get a pair of pants that are part of a jumper, once used to play the lead guitar at the Woodstock Festival, part of jeans that were used to hitchhike around Europe on that summer of ‘016 and more important: A part of the new sustainable wave that we all were needing. 

Be a part of a vision that creates a tomorrow less scary for everyone. Be a part of a group of people that believes that things can be done differently without harming the environment and being capable of rocking clothes with consciousness. Be a part of the change. Support the change.

Take a responsible action and purchase a brand new recycled fashion item.

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