Thailand And The Full Moon Party, complete guide

Thailand is the country where I had the most fun of all, the parties, the people, their culture, the amazing beaches, incredible food, and all the backpackers coming from all over the world make Thailand one of the best places on Earth to have a proper blast for really, really little money compared with great party cities from Europe or North America.

Now, on this article, I want to focus on one specific Island that is where I used to live and is the wonderful Koh Phangan in the district of Surat Thani, at the south of Thailand, also known as The Full Moon Party Beach. And I do want to remark FULL MOON a little bit since it is what is considered the high season of the island.

Cómo hacer el presupuesto de su viaje con Worldpackers

El mozo del bar me pregunta si quiero acompañar el café con algo.

Le contesto que “Muchas gracias, pero no”. Aunque volví de viaje hace dos meses todavía tengo las manías pegadas de ahorrar dinero en cada ocasión.

Viajé por Europa, Medio Oriente, y el sudeste asiático durante diez meses utilizando la aplicación de Worldpackers con cinco mil cuatrocientos euros. En este artículo les cuento como hacer un presupuesto para su viaje dependiendo de sus planes.

I Regret Nothing

“I will be almost finishing my university degree, having my own flat and being promoted at the company that I’ve just started working at”

That would have been the answer if I asked my-eighteen-years-old-self what I will be doing at twenty-two. Inaveryproudandsuffocatingvoicetone.

Shenanigans’s Bug

There is a point while you are traveling that you get used to leaving.

You get used to the goodbyes and the broken smiles. You accept the un-attachment and the “Having a last beer together”. You know from A to Z all the thank you speeches and the nervous laughs before doing a 180° spin and never come back.

The Worldpackers Way to Travel

The only way I had to get to know the world was during vacations. Just two weeks per year to enjoy life.
It was during last year, while spending vacation in the North of Argentina, that I met an Ukrainian girl who was traveling all along South America. I asked her how she was doing it and that is exactly how I was introduced toWorldpackers.